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Fight for Justice for Kaysera With Us

We need to raise money for a reward for any information leading to the apprehension of Kaysera's killers.


Our family is not wealthy by any means, but we are resolute in our fight to get justice for her, so we have set up a GoFundMe account and we are asking anyone who cares about the issue of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women to contribute anything you can. 


People in our native communities are often understandably fearful of retribution when they come forward with information, so a reward like this could make all the difference between getting justice for Kaysera, or never knowing what happened to her.

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We also have a petition which you can sign here. 

Note: even if you tick the box allowing to share your email address with us, please sign up to OUR mailing list here. charges our family for email addresses, and we don't have the money to buy the list they collect. Thanks so much.

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